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Thanks for stopping by here to take a look at the site.. My name is Colin, and I run and update the site here at WhiskeyDecanter.net

I’ve always loved whiskey (well from a fairly young age!) and it’s cemented some of those very special moments in life, some happy and some sad. Somehow the golden liquid has encapsulated the moment. In celebration I’ve produced a great Whiskey Infographic which you can see here.

My goal with Whiskey Decanter is to provide a one stop information resource, with detailed information, on selecting the best whiskey decanter for your needs and also reviewing the decanters so that you can make the right decision. As I review more I’ll update the site accordingly. 

If you want me to include your favourite decanter  then  drop me a line here with any information you have and I’ll gladly include it, together with your name! If you have a recommendation for the best Whiskey then I’d also love to hear about it.

Please feel free to browse around and see what is available – more content is added daily!

Is Whiskey Good For You? A Light Hearted Look!

(Not to be taken too seriously, although the data is accurate!)

I decided to take a look at the data for spirit consumption in various countries of the world and compare it with life expectancy. The spirit consumption data came from here and the life expectancy data from here.

The comparison certainly surprised me………and clearly showed that increasing your whiskey consumption makes you live longer!

Click on the graph below to see it in more detail.

The top blue line is the life expectancy in years and the spiky line below it is the spirit consumption in litres per capita. The numbers across the bottom represent different countries.

You can clearly see that as you drink more whiskey then your life expectancy increases!

whiskey consumption
The Moral – Drink More Whiskey!